Stress and anxiety

Four types of food to avoid when anxious

Diet can have an impact on this trouble. Yes, certain foods increase anxiety or make us more apt to be anxious without even knowing it.

Sugary drinks

Maybe you tell yourself that a glass of pop couldn’t be so bad. Consuming sugary drinks (juice, pop, diet pop) raises your blood sugar and insulin levels. High blood sugar makes you feel tired. Unfortunately, fatigue and anxiety are not good partners. If you feel like a soft drink, choose sparkling water and add some fresh fruit.


Coffee doesn’t just wake you up. It can also wake up your anxiety! In high doses, it increases nervousness and affects sleep. In turn, a lack of sleep can make you susceptible to anxiety, which can cause insomnia. How’s that for a vicious circle?

Energy drinks

This type of drink is a real cocktail of ingredients. Considering that energy drinks contain a combination of sugar, caffeine and aspartame, they are a hyper-stimulating mixture for anxiety. They are to be avoided.


Even though you may have the impression that alcohol helps to relax you, it can negatively affect your sleep and increase depressive symptoms. Alcohol gives you the impression that you fall asleep more quickly, but it will disturb your sleep while it is being metabolized. It makes your sleep less deep and therefore less restorative and causes frequent and early waking.

Along with diet, healthy sleep habits are crucial for controlling anxiety and increasing your tolerance for stress. Find out how to improves the quality of your sleep.

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