The role of your pharmacist

They examine your file

When you hand in a prescription, the first step that the pharmacist has to concentrate on is to ensure that the medication you were prescribed is right for you. They also must approve the dose that you were prescribed according to your weight, age and general state of health, and then ensure that the medication has no harmful interactions with medications or over-the-counter products that you already take. Finally, after following all of these steps to make sure that the prescription is right for you, the pharmacist will provide you with important information about how to take your medication. For example, they will recommend the best way to take it and at what time; they will also discuss the possible side effects, as well as any interactions it could have with another medication you may be taking. They will also tell you what to expect concerning the relief of your symptoms.

They offer you personalized follow-ups

Your pharmacist is also in charge of monitoring your drug therapy, which means that in certain cases, they may follow up with you over the phone in order to make sure that your treatment is going well. They may also check in with you when you return to the pharmacy to refill your prescription, which is why it is recommended to go to the same pharmacist regularly, whenever possible.

To make your health follow-ups more accessible, your pharmacist-owner affiliated with Accès pharma is happy to offer you their new virtual consultation service. You now have the opportunity to receive your pharmacist’s advice via video call, no matter where you may be. When one of your follow-ups can be done virtually, your pharmacist will offer a remote appointment at a time slot that suits you.

They counsel you and are always there to support you in caring for your health

Your pharmacist is a health professional and you can always count on them, 7 days a week. Being highly available and accessible makes your pharmacist a precious ally when it comes to improving your health. Their main role is to ensure that medications are properly used and to help you optimize your medication therapy, as well as to follow up on your health. For instance, they may help you along your journey of dealing with certain chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or hypertension. Your pharmacist can also counsel you and answer your questions regarding natural health products or over-the-counter medications. Your pharmacist is also there to accompany you in adopting healthy lifestyle habits that are suited to your situation. Lastly, they are there to guide you and make sure you consume products suitable to your needs. Feel completely free to ask for your pharmacist’s advice – their role is to support you in maintaining your health and well-being, after all!

They communicate with your doctor, if need be

Your doctor may have prescribed a medication that requires additional verification by your pharmacist. If this is the case, your pharmacist will take the time to contact your doctor if they have to discuss a detail and review the choice of medication or dosage, making sure your treatment is optimal and safe. Your health is always the priority.

They take care of your insurance

Once your prescriptions are verified, a member of the pharmacy team will enter the data into your file and transfer it to your insurance company, when applicable. Feel free to ask them questions about this step.

They can also do much more!

Did you know that your pharmacist is now in an even better position to support you in monitoring your health? They can:

  • Start or modify a medication therapy
  • Prescribe tests to monitor the medication therapy in question
  • Immunize you* (e.g. against the flu, shingles, hepatitis or before a trip)

Your pharmacist can do even more. To better understand how your pharmacist can help, get to know the 12 things that your pharmacist can now do for you.

* Availability of services offered, such as immunization, may vary from one pharmacy to another. Check with your pharmacist if this service is offered and for details and conditions.

This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice and pharmacist-owners affiliated with Accès pharma cannot be held responsible for this information. The information was true and accurate at the time of publication, but it is subject to change.