Stress and anxiety

Practising abdominal breathing

When stressed, breathing can become a valuable tool to lower tension and calm anxiety, even more so if you practise abdominal breathing, also called diaphragmatic breathing. This technique is used in medication, yoga and athletes because it is an effective anti-stress tool that can enhance your wellbeing every day.

Relearning how to breath, with your abdomen  

Abdominal breathing involves breathing from your diaphragm, rather than from your chest, and draws more oxygen into your lungs. You can practise this technique at any time of the day, anywhere: at work, waiting in line, in bed and even on public transit.  

These are the basic rules for abdominal breathing:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position, or lie on your back.
  2. Close your eyes.  
  3. Put a hand on your chest and the other on your stomach.  
  4. Breathe in deeply through your nose while inflating your abdomen. To guide yourself, you should count to ten while breathing in. At this point, your chest should move as little as possible, and the hand on your stomach should lift.
  5. Hold your breath for about five seconds before breathing out.
  6. Breathe out gently through your mouth while pulling your abdomen in to push as much air out of your lungs as possible.
  7. Repeat the cycle as many times as you wish. You can do it everyday, from 5 to 10 minutes.
  8. Once finished, raise yourself quietly.

If you perform the technique well, the hand on your stomach will lift as you breathe in and the hand on your chest will barely more. When you breathe out, it should be the same thing, except the hand on your stomach will move in the opposite direction.

Enjoy breathing!

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