Mental Health

Common in the general population, mental health issues are often overlooked. Although they are a part of our daily environment, it is not always easy to identify them – whether in ourselves or in those around us. Find out how to recognize real symptoms and adopt good habits that can help you to prevent mental health problems.

Depression and seasonal affective disorder – what’s the difference?

The winter blues and seasonal affective disorder can affect adults, children and teenagers. Find out more in order to better tell them apart, successfully alleviate their symptoms and be referred to an appropriate treatment.

Is it stress, anxiety or anguish? How to tell them apart.

Stress, anxiety and anguish are normal and useful emotions. In small doses, they allow us to act. In too high doses, they exhaust us. Learn to manage them in a healthy way.

11 tips for taking care of one’s mental health

Having good mental health does not mean that a person will have consistent feelings of wellbeing. Experiencing stress or exhaustion is normal, especially when faced with difficult situations.

Identifying postpartum depression and the baby blues

Motherhood is often depicted as a uniquely positive experience. The normal effects brought on by the arrival of a baby are therefore often confused with symptoms of postpartum depression. It is very important to be informed, that way you can tell what is normal or not and act quickly when needed. Postpartum depression can affect the parent-child emotional bond, which can, in turn, affect a baby’s development.

Using medication to treat depression

Antidepressant medicines restore the balance of chemicals (neurotransmitters) naturally present in the human organism and critical to normal brain function. They influence emotions, memory and concentration. Combined with therapy and support from one’s entourage, antidepressants can contribute to healing depression.

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