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Pain and fever relief

Fever is often responsible for causing muscle and joint pain. In Accès pharma chez Walmart-affiliated pharmacies, you can find a number of over-the-counter remedies to help you fight these aches and pains and get you back on your feet.

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Available over-the-counter in certain doses and formats, ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. Taking this medication blocks the production and release of chemicals that cause inflammation and pain, which helps relieve muscle and joint pain. 


Acetaminophen is available over-the-counter and is a great help in controlling fever. It is contained in many over-the-counter and prescription medications. This molecule helps to relieve headaches as well as throat, dental and arthritic pain. 

Fever in children

When your child comes down with fever, it can be worrisome. Begin by taking your child’s temperature to ensure that it is no too high. Then you can reduce fever by removing layers of clothing and increasing water intake. Other solutions, involving medication or not, can be suggested by your Accès pharma chez Walmart-affiliated owner pharmacist. Before taking any medication, you should contact a pharmacist. 

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