Nursing Services

Do you need professional health care services and you don’t want to do to a CLSC, hospital or your doctor? Find out everything about various nursing services and chronic disease follow ups available in some of our affiliated Accès pharma pharmacies near you.

Available services

In collaboration with your pharmacist, these are the various professional health care services that our nurses can offer you: 

  • Blood tests (with a prescription from your doctor, or in some cases from your pharmacist) 
  • Injection and administration of medication (and training) 
  • Wound care (change of dressing and bandages, removal of stitches or staples) 
  • Blood pressure measurement 
    • Training on the method used and how to choose and use a blood pressure monitor 
    • Measurement and follow-up* 
    • Measurement with a 24h ambulatory monitor (A.B.P.M.)*
    • Follow up of four-stage blood pressure cycle*
    • Training and care 
  • Vaccination (travel, children, flu, hepatitis)
  • Ear irrigation
  • Ostomy services
  • Strep testing (sore throat) 
  • Dyslipidemia follow-up
    • Education and care 
    • HDL and total cholesterol measurement*
    • Complete lipid report (total, HDL, LDL, Trg)*
    • Anticoagulation (Coumadin)
    • INR level testing and follow-up by the pharmacist*
  • Treatment of urinary discomfort 
  • Diabetes follow-up
    • Information about the choice and training on the use of a glucometer 
    • Education and care
    • Blood glucose measurement and follow-up*
    • Mean blood glucose level measurement for last 3 months (HbA1c)*
    • Monitoring of four blood glucose levels cycle* 
  • Treatment for earaches
  • PAP tests
  • STBBI screening 
  • Wart treatment 
  • Smoking cessation support

*This service include a printed copy of your results for your doctor. 

Nursing services are offered by appointment only, unless otherwise indicated, and are only available at certain times during the week. The services described above may vary from one location to another and additional fees may apply. 

Don’t hesitate to talk to your Accès pharma chez Walmart-affiliated pharmacist about any questions you may have about this service. 

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