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Available in all Accès pharma chez Walmart-affiliated pharmacies, Equate products are suitable for a wide range of needs. Whether during cough and cold, stomach flu or allergy season, or for any other health problems, Equate products can come to your aid. The scope of advice from our health care team paired with effective products is a winning combination which will take care of whatever ails you.

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Generic or not generic?

A generic medication is identical or equivalent to a product or brand whose active substance is identical or equivalent. The only possible differences are either in the presentation or the form of administration. 
In certain specific cases, it is very important that the pharmacist always gives you the same medication, meaning the same brand and same dosage as the last time. By the way, rest assured, your doctor has to specify on your prescription if the medication can be substituted or not. In any case, your doctor and your pharmacist can give you advice about taking generic medication instead of the original brand. You always have the choice of the brand of your product; you can choose Equate products without hesitation, just ask for them!

Health and Nutrition

Whether it is to maintain good health or to deal with more specific concerns, we have the Equate product that will meet your needs. In order to help you decide, our Accès pharma team can answer all of your questions. 

Nutrition is an important part of health. A balanced diet can help many ailments and complications. Equate nutritional products can help you maintain a balance and prevent deficiencies.  

Equate products available in Accès pharma chez Walmart-affiliated pharmacies can meet the whole family’s needs. The wide range of products addresses all aspects of family life. 

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