Travelling, or going on vacation requires good planning. See our tips and tricks so that you don’t forget anything for your dream trip abroad.

5 tips on how to avoid and relieve traveller’s diarrhea (turista)

Find out all there is to know about turista, what causes it, what precautions to take, the various treatments available and everything you should pack in order to be prepared to handle a range of contingencies. 

By following these 5 tips from your pharmacist, you can enjoy your trip to the fullest… without losing your lunch!

To receive personalized coaching and to be sure nothing is overlooked, book an appointment at your pharmacy affiliated with Accès pharma chez Walmart and request our travel health services.

5 steps for travelling in good health

When travelling or vacationing abroad, remember to mitigate health risks during and after your journey by scheduling an appointment with your pharmacist. You can thus take advantage of various tips, tricks and travel health clinic services, including certain medication prescriptions, immunization and much more.

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