Sun protection

Sun protection is essential to protect yourself from ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB), which are harmful to the skin. As the sun is present throughout the year, you always need to protect yourself, particularly in the summer when the sun is even more dangerous.

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Choose the right protection

When the times comes to choose a sunscreen, the choice is endless: in a tube, as an aerosol, various SPFs, scented, water and sweat resistant, etc. Choose a cream, lotion or the format that you like the best. 

Sunscreens are available in various price ranges, and textures, and are suitable for various types of skin and fulfill a variety of needs. In the pharmacy, we offer a large selection of products for the sun in all their formats: cream, lotion, mist, stick, spray, etc.   

After sun products 

Products also exist for use after extended exposure to the sun. Aloe, creams, gels, mists and lotions can help soothe your skin.

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