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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is calcium’s best friend: it helps calcium to be absorbed and fixed in bones. However, it is also essential on its own to ensure the proper functioning of the immune system and healthy cell growth.

A glass of milk – one of the main sources of dietary vitamin D – only contains 100 IU of vitamin D, hence the need to take supplements.

Food rich in vitamin D

The primary source of vitamin D is the sun. Since it is difficult to cook(!), many foods are fortified with vitamin D: milk, certain soya beverages, salmon, red and canned tuna, canned sardines and some orange juices. Egg yolks area also a good source of vitamin D.

When it is necessary to take a supplement?

Since it is known as the sunshine vitamin, Quebecers frequently suffer from a lack of vitamin D, especially during the winter.

Breast milk meets all of your baby’s needs, except that for vitamin D since it doesn’t contain enough. You can offer your baby a supplement (400 IU a day) while you breastfeed by simply putting a drop on your nipple.

*Remember, formula is fortified with vitamin D already.

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