Animal allergies

You love cats, but your significant other can’t stand them? Oh oh! Animal allergies are very common in humans and are mostly to warm-blooded animals, including birds.

Can you be allergic to animals?

Animals secrete a protein in their saliva, on their fur and in their urine that can cause allergic reactions. This explains these strange allergies!

What are the common symptoms?

An allergic reaction to an animal includes mainly skin reactions (redness, itching), coughing, runny nose and red eyes. Be sure not to confuse these allergic reactions with hay fever!

Which animals are most likely to provoke an allergic reaction?  

Since warm-blooded animals are most likely to cause allergic reactions, the following are the most likely: cats, dogs, cattle, horses, as well as rodents. It is also possible to be allergic to birds, especially to their droppings.

What are the treatments possible?  

The good news with animal allergies is you can have desensitization therapy with an allergist. So, there is hope for animal lovers! Otherwise, taking antihistamines is strongly suggested to block the mechanism that causes the allergic reaction, as well as to relieve symptoms such as tearing, itchy eyes and sneezing

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