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Baby’s health kit

The arrival of a baby can be overwhelming. There so many things to think about, it seems like the list never ends! To make your life easier, here is a complete list of items that you can quickly check off your own To Do list!

The “super parent” health kit

A pacifier

For big boo-boos, a pacifier (or dummy) can work miracles if you can’t calm your baby down.

A brush and comb

Even though it’s impossible to predict if your baby will have a full head of hair!

A nail clipper, tweezers and rounded tip scissors

To cut nails, remove slivers and cut bandages.

Saline solution for noses

Since babies can’t blow their little noses alone if they have a cold, saline solution softens their secretions and helps make it easier to clean their noses.

A digital thermometer for babies

Liquid acetaminophen for babies

Acetylsalicyclic acid (e.g., Aspirin®) is not to be used with children. 

Oral rehydration solution (ORS)


Vitamin D drops for babies

Even if breast milk contains a bit, the primary source of vitamin D is the sun. Since it is not recommended to expose your baby to the sun, offering a vitamin D supplement will prevent any deficiencies. Just put a drop on your nipple before breastfeeding and voila! Just remember, normal milk and formula are already enriched with vitamin D.

Cotton swabs

To care of the umbilical cord.

Hydrophilic cotton rounds

To care for little eyes and ears. They are better than cotton balls, since they do not fray.

Antiseptic liquid and cream

To disinfect other little scrapes and scratches. Be careful, since not all antiseptics are suitable for infants! Ask your Accès pharma affiliated pharmacist.

Diaper rash cream

In order to prevent or heal diaper rash, always have a good zinc oxide cream on hand (e.g., Zyncofax®).

Moisturizing cream

To calm itching, insect bites or to moisturize baby’s skin. Your baby likes to have cream massaged into their skin as much as you do!

Sunscreen for babies

Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen (which protects against both UVA and UVB rays) with an SPF of at least 30. Only for use on babies over six months.

A calibrated spoon or syringe to administer medication

Bandages in all shapes and sizes

Some over-the-counter medications are risky for your baby. Your Accès pharma affiliated pharmacist can discuss available options and recommended dosages with you.

This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice and Accès pharma affiliated pharmacist-owners cannot be held responsible for this information. The information was true and accurate at the time of publication, but it is subject to change.

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