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Hair care

From all the ranges of products available on the market, your Accès pharma chez Walmart-affiliated owner pharmacist will be able to suggest the products best suited to your needs. They will simplify the myriad of choices and guide you towards products to keep your hair beautiful, but above all healthy.

You can now shop online! Some products are available here.


Shampoos are the basis of the vast majority of hair treatments. It is important to choose a shampoo that suits your hair and scalp. Dandruff and moisturizing shampoo as well as shampoo for oil, dry or damaged hair, are all available on the shelves; you are sure to find the shampoo that is right for you.  

More specialized products are also available in cases where you have a more specific condition to deal with. Talk to your pharmacist for more information.

Hydrating products 

The range of hydrating products available can meet several needs. Conditioners, oils and creams make taking care of your hair easy.

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