Pharmacie Mélissa Béland, Saint-Romuald

Are you passionate about health and customer service? Do you like to get out of the laboratory to counsel patients? Do you want to make patient care accessible and contribute to the population’s well-being? One of the pharmacies affiliated with Accès Pharma is the place for you. 

With independent pharmacist-owners who are committed and invested in the success of their pharmacy, you will quickly realize that patient health is the focus of all their endeavours. So you will have the flexibility to develop your practice and bring it to the level you have always dreamed of. 

As a pharmacist, you’ll find the support you need to balance your commitment to your family with your commitment to your career. This is what we call unprecedented freedom. Whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time job, there is a place for you here. 

Competitive salary and benefits, including an insurance plan. A job in an exciting, dynamic and professional environment.

  • Flexible schedule
  • Closed weekend evenings and most statutory holidays
  • Focus placed on the pharmacy practice
  • Highly competitive salary and benefits package complete with insurance plan
  • Management and sale of prescription and over-the-counter medications only
  • Participation in the annual pharmacists’ convention
  • Stimulating, dynamic and professional environment
  • Opportunities to develop innovative professional services

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Pharmacie Mélissa Béland

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Accès pharma is always looking for new talent to join the team. Discover now all the advantages and opportunities of acquiring a pharmacy affiliated with Accès pharma. Join the 100% health team as a pharmacist-owner!

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