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Nursing Services

A nurse on site at the pharmacy? At Accès pharma, nursing services are offered at certain affiliated pharmacies.
Here are a few examples of the nursing services available to you:

• Blood pressure measurement
• Blood pressure follow-up consultation
• Blood pressure monitoring (ABPM)
• Diabetes
• Glycemia measurement (blood sugar level)
• Glycated hemoglobin measurement (HbA1c)
• Diabetes follow-up consultation
• Cholesterol level measurement
• Cholesterol follow-up consultation
• Anticoagulant therapy
• Blood test for anticoagulant therapy follow up
• Vaccination
• Injection of prescription medications
• Ear irrigation
• Wound care
• General health evaluation
• Smoking cessation support
• Wound care and first aid
• Ostomy services
Please note that nursing services vary from one location to another.
Pharmacists are solely responsible for pharmacy practice. The services described on this page are offered to you by Accès pharma chez Walmart-affiliated owner pharmacists.

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