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Blood Pressure Monitoring — ABPM

When the pressure is too high in your blood vessels, you have hypertension, better known as “high blood pressure.” Most of the time, people who suffer from this have no symptoms. However, this condition is insidious and can cause complications such as stroke (CVA) or heart attack. Some of our pharmacies, with a prescription, rent an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device “ABPM.” Using ABPM to measure blood pressure is appropriate when a doctor wants to measure a patient’s blood pressure throughout the day. This results in a blood pressure profile over a period of 24 hours and verifies the variations in pressure at different times of the day. Talk your Accès pharma-affiliated pharmacist about the availability of this type of device and associated rental costs. Pharmacists are solely responsible for pharmacy practice. The services described on this page are offered to you by Accès pharma chez Walmart-affiliated owner pharmacists.

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