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Blood Pressure Monitoring

When the pressure is too high in your blood vessels, you have hypertension, better known as “high blood pressure.” Most of the time, people who suffer from this have no symptoms. However, this condition is insidious and can cause complications such as stroke (CVA) or heart attack. Accès pharma-affiliated pharmacies offer many services to help you closely monitor your blood pressure such as:
• blood pressure measurement;
• blood pressure follow-up consultations;
• rental of blood pressure measurement devices (ABPM);
• blood pressure measurement kiosks.
There are various ways to take your blood pressure at the pharmacy: you can have the pharmacist do it or you can do it yourself at our blood pressure measurement kiosks situated close to the prescriptions laboratory. In all Accès pharma-affiliated pharmacies, you enjoy the most up-to-date technology to measure and monitor your blood pressure. With the automated kiosk and the smart monitoring card, you can:
• record and save your blood pressure readings on a special smart card;
• print (from the kiosk) your last 10 readings to give to your doctor or pharmacist;
• securely access your blood pressure file confidentially using the access code written on the back of your smart card.
Ask your pharmacist for your blood pressure monitoring smart card. You may have to pay a minimal fee for the card which is valid for a year.

Pharmacists are solely responsible for pharmacy practice. The services described on this page are offered to you by Accès pharma chez Walmart-affiliated owner pharmacists.

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